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Both at Moniq and at Taskonaklar we strive to provide experiences unique to Cappadocia for unforgettable memories.

We have crafted different options for you to choose from;

Cave Dinner

An unforgettable dinner experience, lit by dozens of candles, in a historical cave that reflects the unique natural structure of Cappadocia.
Something that you can experience only in Cappadocia!

Private Cave Dinner in Cappadocia

Barbecue Dinner at the Valley

We offer an unforgettable dinner experience within the magnificent valleys of Cappadocia, with our Executive Chef Mustafa TURKTEN as your private chef.
You are transferred to the valley with our classic Land Rover Defender,
where you will find a linen cloth table prepared only for you, being served by your private waiter and Chef.

Unique experience in Cappadocia

Wine Tasting

Taste the delicious local wines of Cappadocia while enjoying the gorgeous view, where the history of winemaking goes back thousands of years, accompanied by Anatolian cheese platter, fruit plate, and nuts.

Wine tasting in Cappadocia

Sunset Picnic at the Valley

Get transported to a secluded sunset point by our Land Rover Defender. Enjoy the sun setting over the otherwordly fairy chimneys

Sunset picnic in Cappadocia


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